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There are still many kinds of commodities for automobile lubricants manufacturers on the market.

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There are still many kinds of commodities for automobile lubricants manufacturers on the market.

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All kinds of lube oil manufacturers have the same base oil except for the different viscosity grades. The difference lies only in the variety and quantity of the added ingredients. Therefore, the varieties and quality grades of lubricating oils are generally classified according to the variety and quantity of added components. Lubricating oils with different kinds of additives can not be mixed. Otherwise, chemical reaction of additives in oils may occur, which endangers the proper function of lubricating oils and may cause mechanical damage. With the continuous improvement of additives and their formulations, some general oils have been developed and produced.

What is the use of various additives in automotive lubricants? The concept of lubricant additives is one or several compounds that participate in lubricants, so that lubricants can acquire some new properties or improve some of the properties already existing in lubricants. Additives are mainly used as antioxidants, antiwear agents, antisepsis improvers (or oiliness agents), extreme pressure increasing agents, detergents, loosening agents, foam control agents, antirust and rust preventive agents, flow improver, viscosity index enhancers and so on. Generally, the additives sold in the market are all the composite products of the single additives mentioned above. The difference is that the composition of the single additives is different and the share of several single additives in the composite additives is different.

Oil additives and extreme pressure antiwear additives can react with metal surface to form chemical reaction film, which can prevent wear, abrasion and welding of metal surface. The function of antirust agent includes forming an adsorptive protective layer on metal surface, preventing corrosion medium from touching metal and playing an antirust role.


Lubricating oil manufacturers so there are still many kinds of automobile lubricating oil products in the market. Car owners may have tried many brands of products. But the same kind of oil, there are still great differences between different types. First of all, the formulations of different brands of lubricants are definitely different, and the functions of the blends are likely to be due to the additives.

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