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How much do you know about lube oil investment agent?

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How much do you know about lube oil investment agent?

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Zhongshan lube oil is generally fractionated petroleum products, but also from animal and vegetable oils. Also known as "grease". Oily lubricants that do not evaporate. According to its source, it can be divided into animal and vegetable oils, petroleum lubricants and synthetic lubricants. Oil lubricating oil accounts for more than 97% of the total consumption, so it is often referred to as oil lubricating oil. First, it is used to reduce the conflict between the appearance of moving parts. Together, it has the effect of cooling, sealing, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, insulation, power transmission, cleaning impurities and so on. Lubricating oil fraction and residue fraction from crude distillation unit should be divided into substances. By means of solvent deasphalting, solvent dewaxing, solvent refining, hydrofining or acid-base refining, clay refining and other processes, the substances that form free carbon, substances with low viscosity index, substances with poor oxidation stability, white wax and clay refining can be removed or reduced. The qualified lube base oil can be obtained from the chemical substances which affect the color of the finished oil. By merging the additives, it will become a lube oil product.润滑油厂商


Then different parts of the car need to use different car Zhongshan lubricant investment agent, because different parts of the car have different structures and working principles, and their smooth methods are also different, so different parts need to use different kinds of lubricants. For example, internal combustion engine oil for starter top, gear oil for manual gearbox and differential top.

Why do the starting oils come in different varieties? How many are there?

Initiator refers to the power source of a car. Initiator smooth oil, also known as internal combustion engine oil. Because the fuel used in car starter is different, it can be divided into gasoline starter and diesel starter. According to the different burning methods and structure of the two fuels, the general oil of gasoline engine oil, diesel engine oil and gasoline diesel engine starter is separately planned.

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