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There are many types of industrial lubricating oil manufacturers.

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There are many types of industrial lubricating oil manufacturers.

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There are many kinds of industrial lubricants, which have various characteristics and functions. The skill planning is also extensive. Hydraulic oil is a large variety of industrial lubricants with a large amount of usage. This article tries to illustrate briefly with this variety as an example. In the hydraulic transmission system, the hydraulic oil as the energy transfer medium can transfer power, reduce friction, distance wear appearance, suspended pollutants, control component oxidation, and has cooling effect. Various hydraulic systems have different kinds of structures and operating conditions. In order to satisfy the requirements of various systems, it is necessary for hydraulic oil to have certain functions, such as viscosity, viscosity index, relative density, wear resistance, low temperature, acid value, flash point, oxidation stability, demulsification, hydrolysis stability, foaming, air release, shear stability, rust resistance and filtration.

The advance of lube oil investment agent operation power can improve the function of the die, and also reduce the requirements of the die for raw materials. In this way, a lot of raw material cost can be saved. There is no need to stop for cleaning between the two processes, which saves water resources and improves productivity and sales.

Firstly, starting from the working load of mechanical equipment, the greater the working load, the greater the viscosity of the oil, and the better extreme pressure resistance of the smooth oil is required. If the load is not very large, the viscosity of the selected smooth oil will be relatively small. Details can be selected according to the actual load of mechanical equipment.



Secondly, when choosing Zhongshan lubricating oil, pay attention to the viscosity as much as possible. If the equipment is in good condition and the ambient temperature is low, the smooth oil with small viscosity should be used as far as possible, and the smooth power should be adhered to. For example, in high temperature or serious wear condition of equipment, the choice of high viscosity lubricating oil is conducive to the formation of oil film and reduce engine wear.

Choose multi-grade oil as far as possible. Multi-grade oil has better maintenance effect on equipment. Based on the characteristics of polygenes, it may appear premature blackening in the process of operation. Smooth oil pressure is widespread and smooth oil is small, all of which are normal.

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