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What do you know about the function of lubricants?

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What do you know about the function of lubricants?

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Lubricating oil is a liquid lubricant used in various types of machinery to reduce friction and protect machinery and processing parts. It mainly plays the roles of lubrication, cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and buffering. Lubricating oil is usually composed of base oil and additives. Base oil is the main component of lubricating oil, which determines the basic properties of lubricating oil. Additives can make up for and improve the performance of base oil, which is an important part of lubricating oil.

There are three main ways for oil to enter the cylinder. First, through the clearance between the exhaust valve rod and the valve duct, a small amount of oil must pass through the valve oil seal to avoid the valve to be stuck in the valve duct; second, the clearance between the piston and the cylinder wall, the piston ring will be up in the process of the residual lubricant film on the cylinder wall into the combustion chamber; third, the aerosol particles through the crankcase. Forced ventilation pipes enter the combustion chamber. Although the above oil consumption is not large, but after a period of time it can still be perceived that the amount of oil is decreasing.

Lubricant Merchants Agent in the usual daily use of the process of said that the normal operation of the engine inside why there is sludge? Because we usually use outside, because of the external environment, such as haze pressure dust is larger, and we have more magazines in the process of refueling.



In addition, there are many drivers who drive daily, so they have to check regularly and add proper oil as needed. Driving habits, often at low speeds, make fuel burning in the engine not particularly sufficient, so it leads to an increase in carbon deposition. So it is necessary to check regularly and add proper amount of oil as needed.

Some owners are puzzled that there are always some incompatible phenomena when using lubricants. They are not professionals themselves and do not know what to do. In fact, this phenomenon is not without reasons, such as poor solubility of additives caused by mixing different base oils, mutual exclusion between base oils or base oils and outsiders. Additives produce intermediate products and insoluble products between different additives will lead to incompatibility.

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