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What do you know about lubricants?

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What do you know about lubricants?

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Lubricating oil is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, a technology-intensive product, and its real performance is a comprehensive effect of complex physical or chemical changes. Although most manufacturers claim to produce high-quality products, it does not mean that every production process can guarantee high-quality standards. It is precisely because these production processes may lead to contamination of new lubricants.

In order to ensure good working conditions of machinery and equipment, people must select and design various lubrication methods and lubrication systems according to the actual conditions of various machines, and supply appropriate and appropriate lubricating oil to the friction surface of the machine for lubrication. There are many kinds of lubrication modes of equipment, so far there is no unified classification method, which is generally classified according to the form of lubrication.

Lubricating oil manufacturer's hand-filling lubrication is simple. As long as an oil hole is opened above the lubricating part, it can be refuelled with oil kettle and oil gun. This method has many shortcomings, such as discontinuous and uneven oil feeding, and it is easy for operators to forget to refuel. Therefore, it can only be used for small machines with low speed, light load and low lubrication requirements, such as sewing machines and bicycles.



Dropping oil lubrication is to put oil in a dripping oil cup and use the self-weight of oil to lubricate the friction parts drop by drop. This lubrication method is limited and adjustable for oil supply to the friction surface. The disadvantage is that the amount of oil is not easy to control, and the change of mechanical vibration, temperature and liquid level will change the amount of oil dropping.

The lubricant manufacturer uses this lubrication method to rotate the oil ring or chain sleeve freely on the axle (the oil tanker is fixed on the axle). When oil rings, oil chains and tankers are immersed in the oil pool and rotated along the axis, the oil is brought to the friction surface to form automatic lubrication. They depend on the oil rings and oil chains that are hung on the horizontal axle. They rotate along the axle by the friction between the journal and the ring (chain), bring the oil to the journal, and then enter the bearing to achieve lubrication purposes.

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