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What are the ways to use lubricants?

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What are the ways to use lubricants?

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This lubrication method is relatively simple, because it can only be used for sealing mechanism, so it can prevent the pollution of lubricating oil. Because the lubricating oil is recycled, the lubricating effect is good and the oil consumption is low. When splash lubrication device is used, the oil level in the container must be maintained, and Zhongshan lubricating oil must be cleaned and replaced regularly.

So what are the consequences of incompatibility? Intuitively, the color of lubricating oil will darken. Lubricating oil has good demulsifying power, but if incompatible, the demulsifying power will be affected and the lubricating oil will emulsify. Thirdly, the air in the oil will not be discharged properly, which will increase air bubbles. Bangyuan Automobile Service Platform is a comprehensive platform for car owners to provide after-market services and life services, covering a series of services such as car use, refueling, maintenance, lubricating oil, other services, reliable quality, price concessions, is the only choice for hundreds of millions of car owners. Car owners must pay special attention to the compatibility of oil exchange, comprehensive judgment, testing and then choose oil products.



Poor driving habits: Including frequent short-distance driving, the engine does not reach full operating temperature. When Zhongshan lubricating oil runs at low temperature or short distance, the moisture and fuel oil in crankcase do not evaporate completely, which results in emulsification and sludge formation. The engine starts and stops frequently and idles for a long time, which is easy to happen in traffic jam. If the engine is overheated, the oil will accelerate oxidation at high temperature.

Splash lubrication relies on rotating parts or oil discs attached to the shaft to splash oil on the lubricating part. In order to lubricate bearings or other non-splashing friction parts, there is an oil collecting tank or an oil retaining plate on the inner wall of the box.

Oil pool lubrication relies on continuous rotation of rotating parts in the oil pool to bring oil to intermeshing friction parts or push oil to the wall of the container to lubricate bearings and other parts. This lubrication method is relatively simple and suitable for closed and low speed mechanisms, such as worm and worm drive, cam mechanism, etc.

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