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How much do you know about lubricants?

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How much do you know about lubricants?

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With the continuous development of economy, the actual demand for lubricating oil is increasing, and its performance is very prominent. In our daily life, the role of lubricants can not be underestimated, then, for the use of lubricants monitoring methods, how much do people know? Now let's listen to the detailed introduction of lubricant manufacturers.

It is an inevitable rule that lubricating oil will gradually deteriorate in the course of use. There are two kinds of aging and deterioration: one is normal aging and the other is abnormal deterioration due to abnormal factors such as water pollution. The monitoring of lubricating oil usage status can timely grasp the technical status of oil products, prevent lubrication accidents of equipment and prolong the service life of oil products. Next, we will introduce the monitoring method of lubricating oil usage.

1. Lubricating oil agent industry experts say that spot check operators to implement equipment lubrication "Five Determinants" standard peugeot.

2. Sample and observe the appearance of oil products, check the color, transparency and odor of oil products.

3. The key physical and chemical indicators which can reflect the change of oil quality, such as viscosity, flash point, moisture, acid or alkali value, are regularly carried out.



Reduce lubrication capacity. Lubricating oil manufacturers point out that the deterioration of base oil and the failure of additives in lubricating oil reduce the thickness and stiffness of oil film, thereby reducing the load-carrying capacity of oil film. When water is subjected to high temperature and high pressure, it is easy to cause small bubbles to form and break up, resulting in cavitation wear, and the lubrication performance of oil decreases.

Cause equipment wear corrosion and rust. Water and air in lubricating oil act together on iron and steel parts, which are prone to electrochemical corrosion reaction and make parts rust. Some elements in lubricating oil additives combine with water in oil to produce acid corrosion, which will cause corrosion and rust spots of components in oil system.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) of Lubricating Oil Modified Earth Lubricant/Bentonite (quality and ratio) of 1/8 and 5000 roasted earth. Calcium bentonite has larger grain size. Poor dispersion. The flaky aggregates with different shapes, sizes and thicknesses are often aggregated, showing clusters, layers and flocculents, and irregular surface structures. The edge is spiny and swirling. Most of the sheets have curling phenomenon.

Some flaky particles aggregate with each other through one end of the surface or one side of the surface to form some voids. The dispersibility of lubricating oil modified soil (c) is better than that of original soil. There are many single layers with a size of 1 ^ - 2 YM and a thickness of 0. I know about M. It is proved that the suspension performance of bentonite modified by lubricating oil can be improved. The dispersibility of modified soil (d) is better after calcination at 500 C. It was found that the unique curling phenomenon decreased after roasting.

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