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What kind of lubricating oil should be replaced in winter to take better care of the car?

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What kind of lubricating oil should be replaced in winter to take better care of the car?

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With the increasingly cold weather in winter in China, many car owners choose to replace lubricants for their cars. However, most car owners lack relevant experience and knowledge of changing lubricants, which makes it difficult for them to start cold in winter. Do many owners feel that something is wrong with the car? Actually not, that is because the lubricant we choose has not really achieved the function of cold resistance and wear resistance, so what kind of lubricant should we replace in winter in order to better care for the car? First of all, we should know that lubricants in winter because of cold weather will lead to poor fluidity, which will increase the friction of engine components when running at high speed, resulting in the difficulty of cold start when starting a car.

Therefore, after winter, we should choose synthetic lubricants with low viscosity and low temperature fluidity, which can not only flow instantaneously and rapidly to every component in the machine, but also form a lubricating oil film on the components in the engine, which can effectively reduce the wear of the components, so as to maintain smooth start-up and give full play to the enlightenment. Motivation.

Correct use of lubricating oil can extend the service life of the die. Because of its existence, the temperature of stamping operation is reduced, so that the die is well protected, and the time of scrubbing the die can be effectively reduced. Higher production power of lubricating oil operation power can improve the function of the die, but also can reduce the requirements of the material of the die. In this way, a lot of raw material cost can be saved.



There is no need to stop for cleaning between the two processes, which saves water resources, and also can make a good progress in production and marketing. If other cleaning methods are used instead of using this material, the cost can be increased by 20-70%. Conversely, the loss can be reduced by 50%. Prevent dripping, spilling and leakage when adding lubricating oil. Use professional tools, refueling tools should be kept clean, good use of funnel with filter mesh refueling. If you use a lubricating oil gun, pay attention not to stick dirt and clay on the nozzle.

Zhongshan lubricating oil surface height should be kept between the upper and lower lines of the lubricating oil ruler. Good oil surface should be near the upper lines, but it must not cross the upper lines, otherwise it will cause engine to burn lubricating oil. The height of lubricating oil surface should be checked 15 minutes after engine stalling. Because a lot of lubricating oil is still attached to the surface of the parts when the flame is just extinguished, it can not flow back to the oil pan in time.

Zhongshan lubricating oil quantity should be controlled between upper and lower calibration lines of oil gauge. Because too much lubricating oil will rush into the combustion chamber from the gap between cylinder and piston to form carbon deposit. These coke deposits will increase the compression ratio of the engine and increase the tendency of detonation. The red-hot state of coke deposits in the cylinder can easily cause premature combustion. If it falls into the cylinder, it will aggravate the wear of the cylinder and piston, and also accelerate the pollution of lubricants. Secondly, excessive lubrication oil increases the stirring resistance of crankshaft connecting rod, which increases fuel consumption.

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