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What is the scope of the application of lubricating oil?

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What is the scope of the application of lubricating oil?

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Industrial lubricating oil should be a kind of widely used lubricating oil clan, its base oil varieties are also very rich. Together, different additives can be added according to different choices. In this way, different requirements of the operation can be carried out at the moving site. For example, oil used outdoors for a long time should have the ability to change the temperature appropriately, while oil used indoors need not be too harsh on this index. And the scale of application of this kind of material is also very extensive, in steel manufacturing, power generation and other people's livelihood assurance projects have his shadow.

Lubricating grease is one of the "lubricants" in general. The so-called lubricant, in short, is between two relatively moving objects, with the function of reducing friction caused by contact between two objects. Really high quality lubricating oil is a product with a variety of engine protection functions. The formulation already contains a variety of additives, including anti-wear additives, and the lubricating oil pays attention to the balance of formulation to ensure the full play of various properties. Adding other additives by oneself can not bring extra protection to the vehicle, on the contrary, it is easy to react with the chemical substances in the engine oil, resulting in the decline of the comprehensive performance of the engine oil.

Lubricating oil is a technology-intensive product, a mixture of complex hydrocarbons, and its real performance is a comprehensive effect of complex physical or chemical changes. The basic properties of lubricating oil include general physical and chemical properties, special physical and chemical properties and simulated bench tests. Each type of lubricating grease has its common physical and chemical properties to show the intrinsic quality of the product.



Engine heating will transfer heat from engine block to lubricating oil and then cause lubricating oil oxidation. Lubricating oil will become deteriorated after oxidation. This is what we call deterioration of lubricating oil. What hazards will the deterioration of automobile lubricants cause? Some of the deteriorated lubricants in automobile lubricants will cause cementation and alarm to the starting lubricating oil of automobiles after oxidation and deterioration, so long-term use of deteriorated or inferior lubricants will cause engine cylinder pulling, bushing, axle holding, serious wear and tear.

It may cause serious traffic accidents even in high-speed driving. Speaking of this, everyone knows how much lubricating oil plays a role in the normal operation of the engine and the harm of deterioration of lubricating oil can be seen from it. Therefore, the minor edition reminds all car owners that they should pay more attention to lubricating oil in vehicle maintenance, if it is found that lubricating oil has been produced. Biological deterioration should be replaced immediately, and regularly check the maintenance habits of automobile lubricant ruler. If it is found that the automobile lubricant is insufficient, it should be replaced in time to reduce the harm of deterioration of lubricant.

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